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Erik I was born in the beautiful city of Carmel. I first took up art when I was about 4 years old. I’ll never forget it….I drew all over my bedroom wall in purple crayon!! My dad was pissed!!! It wasn’t until later on in life that I realized I had talent in the creative realm. I studied Graphic Design at MPC in Monterey. The summer prior to college…I was accepted into the CSSSA California State Summer School for the Arts. I was one of 117 kids out of all of California that got accepted. I was acknowledged as a California Art Scholar in 92’. That was a turning point in my life. I then continued my education and studied Graphic Communication at Sacramento City College. I realized at that point that sitting in front of a computer for 10 hours a day isn’t for me. I then fell into the sign industry and have been making high quality signage ever since. I have yet to define what creative outlet suits me …..but I feel I will find it as long as I keep trying and having faith. I now live in the bay area and am pursuing my painting with a renewed passion.

Much of my creativity is usually on the fly.I don’t really like to think about it too much because then I just get stuck…and that just doesnt work. Much of getting back on my creative path lies in my roots. Much of what I study now is what I should have learned in high school like color theory, mixing colors, and general applications. I feel like I’m starting over which is frustrating….but I guess it means moving back two steps in order to move forward one.

Despite all that….now there is a website that showcases my work and I hope you like what you see…Enjoy!

There is nothing in life that good whiskey and a cigar cant fix!

Creativity is intelligence having fun!!

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